GCaaS [General Counsel as a Service]

Sometimes you don't need to hire full time counsel; or retain full time outside counsel; sometimes, a little is enough. If you just have occasional legal needs and are more concerned about controlling costs than having your own personal barrister, GCaaS is for you.

We'll come to your place and get to know your business: what you do, who are the key players, what are your major headaches and what keeps you up at night.

Next we'll sit down and discuss any outstanding areas of concern as well as any immediate proactive needs your organization might have. Next, we'll plan a schedule when we will come into your office and work on your needs. And, of course, we'll be there when those unexpected dragons rear their ugly heads.

We'll be your part time General Counsel.

Whether you need help with identifying potential problems, discussing pending legal matters, or prioritizing your needs, choice of entity analysis, business formation, drafting governing documents; or have a need for transactional help or representation secondary to litigation, administrative hearings, and/or compliance issues, we're here for you with conception to exit advice.
And because we know how hard it is to make a buck, we offer year round representation for a single low price.

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